EasyJet is a British airline, offering its clients cheap flights. It is one of the most popular
carriers in Europe.

GermanwingsFounded in: The company was founded in 1995

Main office: London – Luton

Airplanes park: more than 180 planes – Airbus and Boeing

Flights: Flights: more than 100 destinations in more than 30 European countries. EasyJet is one of the biggest European low-cost airlines. It takes flights to more than 100 destinations on the Old Continent and it holds strong market positions in the most popular routes.

The company is №1 in the airports of London – Gatwick, Milan and Geneva and №2 in Paris. Unlike other low-cost airlines, EasyJet flies to the main airports of some of the most popular business and tourist destinations in Europe (in 30 European countries).

In this way the company helps its passengers save additional transport expenses. EasyJet was founded in 1995 by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and it revolutionizes the way of Europeans’ air travel. The company is also a pioneer of using internet during the flights. The carrier offers its passengers cheap one-way tickets and at the same time it gives them unlimited opportunities of choosing the return date.

In case the passenger is late for the return flight, he can take the next possible flight, but he must pay at least 30 €. Passengers, who have chosen EasyJet, can take the seats they like, as the airline doesn’t distribute them in advance. Boarding on the plane is according to the division of the passengers into privileged groups – passengers, bought Speedy Boarding/ Speedy Boarding Plus tickets, families with children and the first ones, who have been checked on the airport.