Wizz Air is a Polish-Hungarian low-cost air carries. Wizz Air is the most popular low-cost carrier in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.


Founded in: It was founded in 2003.

Main office: Lorinci, Poland

Airplanes park: 8 planes Airbus A320-200

The company is relatively young, it was founded in 2003. The first flight, which was from Katowice to London, took place in 2004. One of the founders of the company – Joseph Varadi was among the passengers. Only for several years, Wizz Air has turned into the biggest low-cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe.

The company offers flights to more than 100 European destinations and it is broadening its routes incessantly. Wizz Air offers special programs for renting cars and hotel rooms. The airline gives the passengers the opportunity for priority boarding, called Wizz Xpress, if they pay additionally. The carrier has also a program for unlimited changes of the date, time and route of the flights up to 3 hours before the flight scheduled. There is not a change fee, but the passenger must pay the cost difference between the two tickets if there is such.

Wizz Air has 19 planes – Airbus A320. According to the investment plans in the next 3-5 years the airplanes of the carrier will become more than 50. Each airplane of the company is tinted in the colors, which are representative of it and has 180 seats in each class. The company has strong requirements for the luggage carried. Passengers can take hand luggage up to 10 kg and registered luggage up to 32 kg. For each kilogram above the limit, passengers must pay additional fare.