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Cheap Flights to Bulgaria from Ireland

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If you consider yourself one of the increasing number of travellers asking for advantageous flights to Bulgaria from Ireland then let propose you a incredible deal. Just pick out one of our flight destinations from the list with our regular or low cost flights to Bulgaria from Ireland to get started.  We can give you a whole host of reasons to snap up inexpensive flights to Bulgaria from Ireland at present. This country has come a very long way since it was a satellite nation in the former Soviet Union and now plays host to thousands of people searching for some summer sun in a Black Sea resort or some winter fun in one of the nation’s ski resorts.

Cheap Flights to Bulgaria from Ireland serve three principal aerodromes: Sofia, the nation’s capital and pivot for Bulgaria’s ski resorts, and Varna and Bourgas on the Black Sea shore. The last two are mainly used by beach holiday people and are served by both scheduled and charter flights. Bulgaria is now present on the package holiday list for the main tour operators so they all offer flights to Bulgaria from Ireland.

Obviously much depends on whether or not you are looking for a cheap flights to Bulgaria from Ireland for a ski or a beach holiday. The winter ski season runs from the last few days of December to late March / early April with perfect conditions commonly offered in February and early March.

Conversely the summer season for the Black Sea resorts has a traditional Mediterranean pattern to it with the hottest, driest climate in July and August but also the biggest multitude and the most costly flights to Bulgaria from Ireland. Bulgaria is probably at its most pleasant to visit for a beach vacation in the ‘shoulder’ periods of May / June and September to get a combination of low costs and smaller crowds. After you’ve purchased your flights to Bulgaria from Ireland you should start asking for good cheap  accommodation in Bulgaria.

Which place to visit in Bulgaria? All this depends on the destination for your advantageous flight to Bulgaria. The northern Black Sea seaside is characterized by vast expansive beaches, secure swimming and the trembling town of Varna, that’s why package holidays in Bulgaria tend to centre around this region.   The southern part of this shore is a little more rocky with some fascinating bays and old fishing villages. The shore is also famous for its spa qualities with thermal medication, mineral baths and mud treatments all quite common.

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