Winvian is a typical example how a usual small farm can be turned into an incredible place.

The farm was once owned by Winthrop and Vivian Smith. But over a weekend their daughter and granddaughter decided to make some changes. And that is how this small farm looks today. It has been transformed into 18 cottages and one suite. Winvian, a unique get-away set amidst 113 acres of nature and serenity. (more…)

You will be very interested to hear that sewage pipe segments are not used only in drainage systems.

Imagine that they are used for building hotel rooms. And this is true. Das Park Hotel is the next extraordinary hotel. Although this is a one-of-the-kind hotel, there are now two… One in Austria – Ottensheim and the other near Essen in Germany. The hotel is open between May and October so if you fancy spending the night somewhere unusual then visit Das Park Hotel. (more…)

If you want to be in an extraordinary atmosphere, you should definitely choose the Propeller Island City Lodge. What you need to know about this hotel is that each room is unique and with strange design. There is no other room on the planet with the same architecture. All objects and furnishings are custom-made. (more…)

Jules Undersea Lodge is an underwater hotel, located in Key Largo, Florida. It is interesting that this lodge is 21 feet beneath the surface of the sea. In order to get into it, you have to dive. Jules is not just the next trivial hotel.

It can give you unforgettable experiences, which other hotels cannot. In fact you explore a completely new world inhabited by interesting species. Each room has a 106 cm (42 inch) round window that looks out into the sea. You feel like being surrounded by water and fish. (more…)

Another strange but fascinating whim is the ice hotel, located in the little village of Jukkasjârvi in northern Lapland, Sweden.  You will be very interested to see this incredible place.

It is made by thousands of tones of ice and snow and for explicable reasons it is re-built every year. Although this process is connected with great efforts, it is definitely worth rebuilding.  The ice hotel creates a charming atmosphere around snow. It has more than 80 room and suites. (more…)

Magic Mountain Hotel will impress you with its incredible natural setting. The hotel is located in Huilo Huilo nature reserve, Southern Chile. It is a great opportunity to visit the unique South American world with its culture and colourful scenery.

The hotel has very interesting architecture. At the Magic Mountain Hotel you will be hard pressed to find a right angle of any sort. You are surrounded by greenery. (more…)

Sala Silvemine is the best place for those who like beautiful landscapes, lakes, caverns and silver. It is located in Västmanland, close to Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås and southern Dalarna, Sweden. You can choose between STF Sala Silvermine hostel and the beautiful mine suite 155 m underground. If you are an adventurer, you would definitely visit this beautiful mine house.

The underground environment is amazing and very interesting. What is interesting is that everything is created by human hands only. You will hear interesting stories by the guides about industrial history. (more…)

Utter Inn is an exclusive offer for those who want to have a rest and feel the pleasure of the nature. It is a typical Swedish red house located on the surface of the water. It has only one room with two beds and a table. This strange whim was conceived by Mikael Genberg, a local artist and sculptor, who wanted to give something unique to the public.

This interesting accommodation is located on the surface of Lake Mälaren in Västerås, Sweden. Although it opened on the coldest day of the summer of 2000, the hotel attracted people’s attention. (more…)

Jumbo Stay Hotel is the best way to have a rest and to find a new attraction. You will definitely enjoy this accommodation, built in a 747 jumbo jet on the ground. The hostel offers visitors different rooms – en-suite rooms, dormitory, twin and three-bed combo rooms with shared shower and toilet and of course a luxury suite with a panoramic view of the airport. Unlike other hotels, Jumbo Stay combines innovation and attraction with low-cost services. (more…)

The Dog Bark Park Inn may be added to the list of the most interesting and original hotels in the world. What makes it unique, is the shape of a beagle, offering accommodation into its two-storeyed
body. The hotel is located in north central Idaho, USA. It is also known as Sweet Willy by local residents.

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a B&B guesthouse. It consists of two bedrooms, connected into a wooden dog. The architecture and furnishing give the customer the impression of originality and mastery. (more…)