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Capsule Hotel, Den Haag, Netherlands

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Have you ever dreamed of having your personal survival pod? Well, if you have, we would suggest you to escape reality and visit this unique pod hotel in a seaside dock location in Holland.

Anchored in The Hague, Netherlands, you will find several pods painted in orange that in 1972 were used as survival pods on an oil rig platform, which doesn’t exist anymore. The diameter of each of these strange hotel rooms is 4.25 meters and in each of them the guests will find a cozy bed, mini-library, mini bar, modern DVD player and even a small chemical toilet. Quite comfortable, don’t you think?

Nowadays these survival pods are not in the water anymore, they are situated on the land. Each of these unique hotel rooms can shelter up to three guests, but they are best for young couples that want a little privacy for their honeymoon, for example.

This wonderful accommodation project started as an art project 7 years ago, in 2004 , when the owner Denis Oudendijk decided to turn these old, useless orange pods into romantic hotel rooms. He is working on a few other locations not only in Holland, but also in Belgium and France.

The prices for a night spent in such a survival pod vary from 50 to 150 EUR per night and depend on the level of comfort the guest will require.