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Das Park Hotel

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You will be very interested to hear that sewage pipe segments are not used only in drainage systems.

Imagine that they are used for building hotel rooms. And this is true. Das Park Hotel is the next extraordinary hotel. Although this is a one-of-the-kind hotel, there are now two… One in Austria – Ottensheim and the other near Essen in Germany. The hotel is open between May and October so if you fancy spending the night somewhere unusual then visit Das Park Hotel.

Andreas Strauss’ whim was created in 2004. First the hotel tubes were varnished and then in order to become more attractive, they were decorated and wall-painted by the Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa.

The hotel offers very good protective systems. There are advanced electronic keypad systems.

The tubes are situated in lovely grassy surrounds in Ottensheim near Linz. So it would be great for those of you who love nature and fresh air. Each tube weighs 9,5 tonnes. They are very strong and robust.

Beds are big enough and with ergonomic mattress. There is free space for your luggage. You will find also fresh blankets and sheets. You need only your toiletries. We have also electricity available, so don’t worry, you won’t be isolated from the world.

If you want diversity in your life and if you are looking for something unusual, strange but interesting, Das Park Hotel is the right place to visit.