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Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

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The Dog Bark Park Inn may be added to the list of the most interesting and original hotels in the world. What makes it unique, is the shape of a beagle, offering accommodation into its two-storeyed
body. The hotel is located in north central Idaho, USA. It is also known as Sweet Willy by local residents.

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a B&B guesthouse. It consists of two bedrooms, connected into a wooden dog. The architecture and furnishing give the customer the impression of originality and mastery.

The story of the Dog Bark Park started in 1995 when the spouses Dennis and Frances Sullivan earned a lot of money by selling their carvings on QVC television. They were very keen on making canine carvings. The couple invested all its money in building the Dog Bark Park. And in that case the investment was worthy.

Dennis and Frances are spending their lives doing what they love most – creating art. This is a way to feel complete and give pleasure to the others. The artists appreciate the relationship with their customers. They share dog, travel and life stories with the visitors and help them plan their vacations.

The Dog Bark Park offers a variety of activities – you may walk around, visit the gift shop and the artists’ studio. It exhibits incredible canine, feline, fish, bear and many other carvings. They are mainly in folk-art style. For those who love their dogs very much, Dennis and Frances offer making a carving of their favourite pet.

Undoubtedly the Dog Bark Park Inn is a place where you can have a rest, surrounded by unique and friendly canine atmosphere.