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Jumbo Stay Hotel, Sweden

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Jumbo Stay Hotel is the best way to have a rest and to find a new attraction. You will definitely enjoy this accommodation, built in a 747 jumbo jet on the ground. The hostel offers visitors different rooms – en-suite rooms, dormitory, twin and three-bed combo rooms with shared shower and toilet and of course a luxury suite with a panoramic view of the airport. Unlike other hotels, Jumbo Stay combines innovation and attraction with low-cost services.

The history of Jumbo Stay Hotel is very interesting. The airplane used to be a jumbo jet, built in 1976. At the beginning it was built for Singapore Airlines, then it was operated by Pan Am and finally it served with a Swedish airline called Transjet. In 2002 the plane was retired from flying. Sigtuna authorities granted a building permit for the hostel in 2007. The whole plane was sanitized and redecorated. It adheres to all energy standards, so visitors can feel comfortable and safe. The retired plane is located at the entrance to Arlanda. This location offers visitors an exclusive view of the landing strip.

If you travel for business reasons, you can make use of the conference room, which is for up to 8 people.

The price-list is both adequate to the services and not very expensive for clients.

Morning – or afternoon tea: 50 SEK per person

Conference Lunch, starter, main course, dessert and coffee: 140 SEK per person

Lounge: 2500 SEK

Meals can be combined with accommodation.

Jumbo Stay is a proof that airplanes can be intriguing not only in the air.