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Lifeboat Hotel, Harlingen, Netherlands

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Let us introduce you the unique Watson lifeboat which was marvelously restored to sumptuous standard. No, this is not just a usual boat, but a boat that is turned into a hotel. The Lifeboat Hotel is situated in Harlingen, Holland and has given shelter during over 100 courageous sea rescue operations from 1955 to 1979 along the coast of Great Britain, saving the lives of 45 people.

One interesting fact about Lifeboat Hotel is that it has been brought to life by the same Harlingen party that restored the harbor crane hotel and lighthouse. Most of the visitors may presume that the interior of this unusual hotel will be quite modest, but you will be very surprised to find that it the opposite. The interior has a contemporary design and will satisfy even the most capricious guests, so don’t underestimate this mobile hotel.

Every morning a delicious breakfast will be served to you. It consists of traditional freshly baked bread, boiled eggs and a European cheese and ham, which is specially selected from the best meat selection in Harlingen. You will be given the exceptional opportunity to enjoy the first meal of the day on the deck of Lifeboat Hotel or in your cozy cabin it that’s what you prefer.

The price is quite reasonable having in mind the uniqueness of this boat hotel. See the price list below:
1 night – 229 EUR;
2 nights on Easter – 568 EUR;
2 nights on Christmas – 568 EUR;
1 night at New year’s eve – 429 EUR;
2 hours boat trip – 160 EUR plus 69 EUR per each extra hour