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Magic Mountain Hotel

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Magic Mountain Hotel will impress you with its incredible natural setting. The hotel is located in Huilo Huilo nature reserve, Southern Chile. It is a great opportunity to visit the unique South American world with its culture and colourful scenery.

The hotel has very interesting architecture. At the Magic Mountain Hotel you will be hard pressed to find a right angle of any sort. You are surrounded by greenery.

There is an incredible combination of forms, colours and textures. The hotel will surprise you with many different opportunities and services, which are not typical for most hotels. For example, you can play mini golf around hundred years old trees, which are allowed to grow directly through the floor of the course.

For those who are not scared we may say that even snakes crawl on the walk way. The reserve gives you an incredible opportunity to be close to nature and its resources.

The Magic Mountain Hotel offers you a wide variety of food and drinks. It has very good wines. Here you will be able to taste South American dishes, which are popular all over the world. If you don’t stay at the hotel, it is worth just having lunch or dinner in its restaurant.

What Magic Mountain Hotel is attractive for is the beautiful natural setting, combined with South American culture and unique fascination.