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Propeller Island City Lodge

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If you want to be in an extraordinary atmosphere, you should definitely choose the Propeller Island City Lodge. What you need to know about this hotel is that each room is unique and with strange design. There is no other room on the planet with the same architecture. All objects and furnishings are custom-made.

This unique piece of art is located in Berlin. It was created by the German artist Lars Stroschen. In fact this is art in the form of a hotel. Those of you who are capable of appreciating art will be delighted. The rooms and the objects are a real challenge for your perspective. You will be amazed how things such as flying beds and upside down rooms may be created.

As each piece of art, this is also very precious and sensitive. That is why if you want to be able to enjoy the place, you should be very careful. For example the plexiglass is easily scratched, as are the dark and intense wall-colours when you slide your bags upon them. So it is very important to preserve the art.

Propeller Island City Lodge will develop your imagination and will make you feel part of the creative process. This extraordinary hotel appears in almost every “strangest hotels in the world” top lists. It is not just the next hotel, it is a place, which you will be definitely inspired of.