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Sala Silvermine Underground Suite

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Sala Silvemine is the best place for those who like beautiful landscapes, lakes, caverns and silver. It is located in Västmanland, close to Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås and southern Dalarna, Sweden. You can choose between STF Sala Silvermine hostel and the beautiful mine suite 155 m underground. If you are an adventurer, you would definitely visit this beautiful mine house.

The underground environment is amazing and very interesting. What is interesting is that everything is created by human hands only. You will hear interesting stories by the guides about industrial history.

Mines are one of the most important factors of the development of economics and mankind. There were periods when the total amount of silver was 400 tons and that of lead – 40 000. The silver was used mainly for manufacturing coins and other objects. Although mines are a bit scaring for some people, they are extremely attractive and beautiful.

You should also definitely stay in Sala town. It is an authentic place, full of history. All buildings, streets and canals are unique and deserve attention. There are many things you can do – canoeing and hiking trails, fishing, beaver, elk, wolf and bird safaris. You can also ride horses, play golf, go swimming, go shopping or visit some restaurant in the city centre. And all these things are connected with natural beauty and positive emotions.

The hostel was built around 1920. The decoration is inspired by mining themes. The Mine suite has landed on lists around the world as “one of the coolest and craziest hotel rooms in the world”. So it is definitely worth visiting.