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Winvian is a typical example how a usual small farm can be turned into an incredible place.

The farm was once owned by Winthrop and Vivian Smith. But over a weekend their daughter and granddaughter decided to make some changes. And that is how this small farm looks today. It has been transformed into 18 cottages and one suite. Winvian, a unique get-away set amidst 113 acres of nature and serenity.

Each of the cottages is very interesting and unique. Probably most of you will like the “Helicopter”. What is most interesting is that in this cottage there is a huge helicopter, which was used for coast guard, called Sikorsky.

It is very impressive and in the same time suitable for guests. There is a bar and a lounge area and you have the opportunity to watch action movies on a big flatscreen TV. There are also many restaurants. If you need to relax and feel better, you may go to spa in the hotel. We guarantee that we will provide good service.

Other cottages are also very interesting. For example the double deck treehouse. It will attract you with its charm and beauty.
Winvian is very close to nature, so you will feel the pleasure of the fresh air and the beauty around you. The place is very quiet, so you will be able to take a rest. If you visit this paradise spot, you will definitely feel happier and better.